Water New Zealand’s 2017 Stormwater Conference

The Water New Zealand Stormwater Group is pleased to announce that the 2017 Stormwater Conference is to be held at the Pullman Hotel in Auckland on 3 –5 May 2017.

This Conference theme of Innovative, Resilient and Future Ready provides the platform to introduce, explore, address and challenge the way the industry responds to the impacts of stormwater on the environment.

The Conference will explore ways to manage and integrate stormwater, from the concept and design, through to construction and into operation and maintenance.

Innovation needs to be introduced, explored and embraced within the industry and its collaborative partners to push the boundaries of the urban infrastructure and support industry growth in our city centres.

Resilient stormwater infrastructure is supported by a collaborative approach from design to implementation. This theme has been explored previously and the Conference will continue to share examples, acknowledge and celebrate this important component of providing resilient systems.

Future Ready is a progressive way of introducing the challenge of supporting an urban environment that can meet the needs of a growing population and to incorporate the innovation and resilience required by society.

In 2017 the objective of the Stormwater Conference is to provide delegates with an opportunity to:

‐  Cultivate technical knowledge
‐  Hear new and cutting-edge stormwater information
‐  Up skill in various areas of stormwater science and management
‐  Keep up to date with the latest innovations
‐  Create business opportunities
‐  Build their corporate profile
‐  Network with peers




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May 3 – May 5